Dream Factory por Brad Barkley, Heather Hepler

Dream Factory por Brad Barkley, Heather Hepler
Titulo del libro : Dream Factory
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 16, 2009
Autor : Brad Barkley, Heather Hepler
Número de páginas : 272
ISBN : 0142412988
Editor : Speak

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Brad Barkley, Heather Hepler con Dream Factory

When the Disney World character actors go on strike, teens are hired as replacements. Ella is assigned the role of Cinderella simply because the shoes fit. And every afternoon at three o?clock she gets married to Prince Charming. A perfect dream come true?except Ella doesn?t believe in dreams anymore. Meanwhile, Luke is one of the fur characters (Dale, the chipmunk), and his girlfriend, Cassie, plays his counterpart, Chip. Cassie is perfect in every way, so why does Luke want to be with Cinderella? Then Luke and Ella are brought together during a scavenger hunt, and as they uncover the Magic Kingdom?s hidden treasures, they discover an undeniable magic between them. Perhaps dreams really can come true after all?